2013 NFL Draft Order

The 2013 NFL Draft is just around the corner. This is the 78th draft class of the National Football League. While the 2012 Draft class won’t be matched for quarterbacks, the 2013 NFL Draft is not lacking talent. NFL Draft weekend starts Thursday, April 25 2013 with the first round selections followed by round 2-7 spread out over the 26th and 27th. There are still 5 draft positions to finalize as the playoffs end but the rest of the field is set. The Kansas City Chiefs have secured the first overall selection in the 2013 Draft with the dismal 2-14 record in the 2012 season. With Andy Reid now in command the Chiefs look to add to the already talented roster and start posting some wins. The NFL Draft results are dependent upon the order that teams select players. Even with Kansas City getting the honor of the first selection this is not always the best thing.

What they will do with it could determine a successful draft result or a failure. Kansas City has a real need for a quarterback but may still go with overall #1 favorite Luke Joeckel, OT from Texas A&M. The NFL Draft is littered with failure when it comes to first round picks. In 1997 bot Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf were available for draft. As history shows the Indianapolis Colts made the correct decision in Peyton Manning while the San Diego Chargers ended up with the bust of Leaf. The difference is staggering for an NFL franchise when they get it right and devastating when they don’t. With the pressure to compete with a limited amount of qualified prospects some teams have found success in using a plug and play system. No better example of this is the New England Patriots and their ability to win year after year with almost any players.

Their quarterback, Tom Brady, is the main stay of the offense and a big reason for their success. It should be said that Brady was drafted from Michigan in the 6th round. This season is not nearly the draft class that 2012 was. We likely will not see a draft class that talented for years to come. Three rookie quarterbacks took their team to the NFL Playoffs for the first time in history. Even without the abundance of quarterbacks in the draft class of 2013 there are plenty of defensive talents in this year’s class.

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