It’s September and the football season is in full swing. Football bettors have been at it for a few weeks and are either counting their winnings or lamenting their losses. Either way the time is now to get in the game. Sharp bettors are looking for any advantage to try and get a leg up on the bookies and sportsbooks, while normal bettors just want to feel comfortable that the bet they are placing gives them a chance.

Sure, picking winners without a line to worry about makes things a lot easier. But once the sportsbooks and casinos agree on a spread, it’s usually anybody’s game. And the same goes for the points. With some college and professional teams, you can be sure a lot of points will be scored. But how many is the question. Determining whether to go over or under on the points is a popular football bet.

After all, betting on football is a gamble. You know that going in. But it can also make following the game more fun and give you more to cheer about. However, you don’t want to lose money if you can avoid it. You want to be smart and also manage your money within your allotted bankroll. Here a few other basic football betting tips to keep in mind.

Look for Home Underdogs

That doesn’t mean you necessarily want to place money on them. But at least take a closer look. It’s fair to say that both college and professional teams play better at home. Based on the point spread, it could be a great bet. Home teams get that added energy from the crowd that can keep them playing hard. They might not win the game, but will they beat the spread? It’s worth looking at.

Weather and Injuries

This might seem pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how many bettors don’t take these factors into consideration. Although bookies and sportsbooks typically take these factors into play when listing the spreads, things can change as the week progresses. Keep an eye on anything that could be in your favor right up until gameday.

How to Handle Slumps

Everyone who has bet on football has gone through some slumps. But what you don’t want to do is start chasing those bad bets. Increasing your bets after a losing streak may be one of the worst things you can do. It’s best to decrease your bets until your luck begins to change and then return to normal.

Avoid Alcohol Before Betting

This is another tip that should be fairly obvious. But even a few drinks can cloud your judgement when placing those last minute bets. Make your decisions will a clear head and some confidence. There’s plenty of time for few drinks once the action is underway.

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