Wunderdog Sports & Our Review

Wunderdog Sports has been around since getting started back in 2001. Their early claim to fame was a knack for picking NFL underdog winners. Since that time, their subscriber list has grown to over 411,000 customers. Their growth rate has been phenomenal and the company has sold a total of over 117,000 pick packages during that time, many being repeat customers.

The company is easy to reach either via their website, https://www.wunderdog.com/ or via phone at 877-DOG-WINS.

With their strategy, one thing the company makes clear is that sports handicapping is kind of like the stock market, it’s a journey and not a race. Short term investors are not always happy with their short term investments, and sports betting is no different. Getting a winning percentage over time will help investors come out on top.

Wunderdog provides bettors the chance to try their hand at a variety of different sports. Included on their menu of options are NFL, College basketball, NBA, College football, MLB, NHL, WNBA or even Horse Racing. They put the same effort and research in determining expected winners and outcomes into each and every one of these sports.

Using advanced systems and algorithms (and not guesses), subscribers will be provided with those educated picks whether in an individual game or part of a pick package. Because of the unpredictability of sports, the odds say that there is no sure way to accurately predict the outcome or point spread results.

Customers who use sports handicapping services should know that. However, customers who take short term losses from a handicapper such as Wunderdog often times will place negative reviews or term them scamdicappers. But it really doesn’t matter which handicapper you choose, if you are betting on sports, there will be some losses. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Wunderdog has been a regular contributor to ESPN and ESPN the Magazine over the years which adds to their overall credibility. One of the things I like with them is that you will get detailed write ups on each pick with the reasons why that pick was recommended. For the free daily and weekly picks, you also receive the detail.

And they don’t tout the unrealistic percentage of wins that you may see at other sites. In an effort to be honest and trustworthy, they will show you their track record and post results of all of their past picks going back years.

Which is why they also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to customers. “YOU WIN Or I work for free until you do.” That is their mantra.

So if you’re in this thing for the long haul, and you can take the temporary ups and downs prevalent in sports handicapping, Wunderdog Sports may be one of your best options.

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